Friends' books & short stories


A writer's hardest task is getting people to know a particular book or short story even exists. I've added
this page to alert you to published writings by friends who have been especially supportive of my writing.
I hope this page helps bring their books and short stories to more people's attention. I recommend that
you consider the following eclectic collection of writings arranged in no particular order. Clicking on the
author's name after you're on the Amazon page will display that writer's other books.

Citizens Warehouse (A Southwest art book) 
Alec Laughlin and other artists of the Citizens Warehouse studios in Tucson, Ariz., produced this book, which won a Southwest Book of the Year Award in 2013. Citizens Warehouse is home to 25 artists of varied mediums and disciplines. Presented here is a beautiful art book showcasing select works from those artists, as well as stories exploring the history of Citizens Warehouse and the Historic Warehouse Arts District in Tucson.


No Settlement, No Conquest:
 A history of the Coronado Entrada

After nearly 500 years of myth and disinformation, historian Richard Flint uses recent archaeological and documentary discoveries to explain how and why Spaniards invaded the present-day United States 1540-42. He also offers a new insight into the Pueblo Indians who successfully resisted conquest. Their resistance was a major factor in forcing the Spaniards and their 2,000 Mexican Indian allies back to Mexico. See some of the other books he and his wife Shirley Cushing Flint have written here. As for No Settlement, No Conquest, it is the definitive, up-to-date account of the Coronado expedition.

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Closing the Chart:
A dying physician examines family, faith and medicine

This book is required reading in some medical schools today. Author Jim Belshaw (see some of his other books here) tells the story of a family physician struck down by a rare disease who undergoes three heart surgeries. The doctor changes his views on the teaching and practice of medicine. As he lays dying, the doctor through his journal urges his colleagues to become healers — to look at their patients as human beings with spiritual as well as physical lives. 

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Anasazi America:
Seventeen centuries on the road from Middle Place

Anthropologist David E. Stuart (see his other books here) examines the rise and fall of the 11th century Chaco Anasazi, ancestors of today's Pueblo Indians. At the height of their power, the Anasazi consisted of a vast and powerful alliance of thousands of farming hamlets and nearly 100 towns, integrating the region through economic and religious ties and hundreds of miles of roads. Why did they disappear, leaving only spectacular ruins?

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War Without End, Amen: A Vietnam Story
Author Tim Coder, who was an Army squad leader as a sergeant, provides a dramatic and moving account of the Vietnam War from the viewpoint of the enlisted and draftee infantryman. More than 40 years later, the book's protagonist recalls harrowing combat experience with a need to reconcile himself to what he experienced in the war. You can visit his author website

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Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Mayas
This is the first in a series of books by Nicaragua artist Luis Garay on the origin stories of the Americas. In Guatemala in 1558, a young Mayan K'iche' man, who had learned to write the K'iche' language in Latin characters, transcribed what he described as a sacred book that "we can no longer see." This was the Popol Vuh. This beautifully illustrated version of the Popol Vuh allows readers to discover one of the most ancient literary works of the Americas from an Indian point of view. Visit Luis Garay's website. Luis Garay has been called one of the best young Latin American illustrators working today. .

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Brave and Beautiful: A Breast Cancer Face Book
Many photography books focus on breast cancer and what happens to a woman's body. This book, however, looks at what happens to her spirit and heart. Susan Boe's photographs and stories of 36 women will give hope to any person struggling with a cancer diagnosis.

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The Chain Gang: One newspaper versus the Gannett empire
Author Richard McCord (see another of his books here) brings to life a disturbing nationwide trend in which a huge conglomerate corporation sets out to destroy a locally owned competitor. It's happening throughout America as local businesses of all kinds are increasingly forced out by national and international corporations. McCord's book documents how a small local daily managed to fight off a large newspaper chain bent on its destruction. There are survival lessons for all locally owned businesses in this book.

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Assassination of a Michigan King: Life of Jesse James Strang
There was an American "king" in the 1850s — the enigmatic Jesse James Strang. A Mormon with five wives, he managed to establish and for six years control a literal kingdom on Michigan's Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. In this second edition biography, author Roger Van Noord (see his other books here) tells the little-known history of Strang, whose island kingdom flourished despite federal prosecution and a gun battle with mainlanders. Strang even was elected to the Michigan Legislature twice. 

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Artemis Invaded
 New York Times best-selling author Jane Lindskold is one of America's best-known and most widely published science-fiction writers. See Lindskold's other books here. This book is the sequel to Lindskold’s series novel Artemis Awakening. Like many established authors, Lindskold is republishing on the Internet many of her out-of-print successes. This book returns to the world of Artemis, a pleasure planet that was lost for millennia, a place that holds secrets that could give mankind back unimaginable powers. 

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New Mexico Historical Biographies
Don Bullis (see his other books here) provides in this book a collection of nearly 1,500 biographical sketches drawn on important New Mexicans dating from the 16th to the early 21st century. Subjects include people from all walks of life, connected to each other only by an association with New Mexico. Some of them are well-known to anyone familiar with the Land of Enchantment, while others are somewhat obscure, overlooked by observers of the day and historians in the years since they lived. Some of them had a positive impact on New Mexico, while others left a black mark.

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A Pattern for Murder
Ann Yost gives an engaging depiction of the Finnish American community in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in this entertaining mystery. It's the first book in a new series, the Bait and Stitch Cozy Mystery Series. See her website. This book's Hatti Lehtinen is an appealing amateur sleuth. She's manager of The Bait and Stitch—a combination bait and knitting shop—and becomes determined to find a killer when the sheriff can't be bothered. An amusing and interesting group of friends help her solve the crime, but it becomes clear that not everybody in Hatti's circle is innocent, after all.

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Hoist a Cold One! Historic Bars of the Southwest
From the Grand Hotel in Bisbee to Rosa's Cantina in El Paso, Myke and Melody Groves tell the story of the front and back bars of twenty-five establishments in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado through a combination of historic background and photographs. Visit her website for other books. This lively travelogue, complete with driving directions, will inspire visitors to the West's old mining camps, railroad towns, and ranching centers to stop in and belly up to the bar. 

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Employment is Murder
Attention all fans of Carl Hiaasen and Donald Westlake's humorous mysteries. If an author having fun with a story is what you like, then you'll be glad you discovered Daniel B. Brawner's debut comedy/mystery, Employment is Murder. First published as a hardback in 2004, Brawner has resurrected Employment is Murder as an e-book. Spiritual clues from mythology, ancient Eastern religions and even the ghost of a famous deceased golfer are all part of the clever and fun twists in this book. Check out the sample on Amazon and you'll be hooked.

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The Life and Times of Fritz Thompson
A wonderful saga about growing up on a ranch in New Mexico. Full of humor and insights about rural and small-town life in the 1940s and 1950s. Anyone who grew up on a ranch -- or a farm -- during that period will identify the author's experiences with their own childhood. Author Fritz Thompson has written a whimsical and entertaining memoir.