A Brother's Cold Case


albuquerque mystery

"A Brother's Cold Case is timely and compelling. This story of a reporter's search to connect a series of unexplained deaths before he becomes the next victim could have been ripped from newspaper headlines. Complete with a harrowing Sandia Mountain ambush, a life threatening fire, and a long-surviving Pueblo Indian community with closely held secrets, this mystery will keep you up at night. Dennis Herrick's new book is a good tale well told."
     --Anne Hillerman, author of
   Spider Woman's Daughter, Rock With Wings, Song of the Lion, and Cave of Bones

When the murder of Andy Cornell's brother is still unsolved after two and a half years, Andy enters Albuquerque's hidden worlds of cartel violence, street people,  and Pueblo secrets to find justice.

He and Rick were inseparable as boys. So Andy is determined as a newspaper's police reporter to help the cold-case unit find a breakthrough on the murder of his detective brother. 

Andy's ex-wife, a cold-case detective he once loved, a Pueblo tribal policeman, a college history professor, and a homeless drug informant seem unlikely allies. But they help Andy untangle conflicting details about his brother's cold case.

First edition 2014; second edition, 2018, from Sunbury Press.

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