The untold story of America's first Indian war – 2


Winter of the Metal People 

Read about America's first named Indian war. The historical novel, Winter of the Metal People, adds for the first time the Puebloan point of view alongside the traditional conquistadors' perspective of the Coronado expedition in 1540-42.

Now in its second edition, this is the only book devoted to the Tiguex War (pronounced TEE-wesh), which Coronado's expedition and its 2,000 Mexican Indian allies fought against the Pueblo Indians, mostly between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. 

Winter of the Metal People follows a young Tiwa Pueblo warrior who reluctantly takes leadership of his people in a time of crisis, overcoming self-doubt to lead Puebloans in guerrilla warfare against the Spaniards.

First edition, 2013, and second edition, 2017, from Sunbury Press.

Book cover illustration is by Persingula Tafoya of Kewa Pueblo

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