Pueblo Mysteries


Pueblo Indian, New Mexico, Southwest, short stories, mystery, detective

This collection of six of my Pueblo short story mysteries is now available as either a print book or an e-book. Click below to buy for only $4.95 as a paperback book and for only $2.99 as an e-book. Mystery stories from different pueblos in New Mexico, a land of enchanting allure with its scenic deserts, forests, and mountains.

In "Hunting Season," an Indian newspaper reporter discovers the truth behind a Jémez hunting accident. An Indian policeman is torn between the law and his tribal customs in "The Ancestor." In "An Unwilling Patient," an old, sick Cochiti man disappears when his daughter tries to put him in the hospital. An Iraq war veteran's only clue is "The Woman with a Rain Pot" when he's assigned to a cold-case murder that occurred near Acoma while he was overseas. "To Steal What Is Sacred" explores the international trade in stolen, ancient Indian artifacts. While excavating a 500-year-old pueblo ruin in 1934, an archaeology student sees spirits from the past who persuade him to rethink his career in "Shadows of a Lost Time."








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