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Sitting Bull Rising From the Grave
Shadows of a Lost Time
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Paperback Books by Dennis Herrick


Faded Pueblos: Coronado and the Tiguex War

This illustrated paperback describes about a dozen Tiwa Pueblo villages on both sides of the Rio Grande near Albuquerque, N.M., that resisted the Coronado expedition in pitched battles over the winter of 1540–41 in America's first Indian war. That was followed by guerrilla warfare the following winter that ended with the Spaniards retreating to Mexico in early 1542. 

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Faded Pueblos: Coronado and the Tiguex War

War of the Planet Burners

Humans fight extinction in War of the Planet Burners, a sci-fi novel about alien invasion in the near future. No electricity, billions dead. Is all hope lost?

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War of the Planet Burners alien invasion

A Brother's Cold Case

When the murder of Andy Cornell's police detective brother is still unsolved after two and a half years, Andy enters Albuquerque's hidden worlds of cartel violence, street people, and Pueblo secrets to find justice.

Andy's ex-wife, a cold-case detective he once loved, a Pueblo tribal policeman,  a college history professor, and a homeless drug informant seem unlikely allies. But they help Andy untangle conflicting details about Rick's homicide.

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albuquerque mystery

Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories

Perfect for putting in your guest bedroom, this book is a collection of short stories that your friends can read a little at a time. In the book they'll meet detectives, American Indians, heroes, villains, and ordinary people striving to solve life's problems.

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Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories

Farewell to the Master

Harry Bates wrote this classic short story/novella in 1940 for "Astounding" science fiction magazine. His story was adapted into two movies in 1951 and 2008, both titled "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Hollywood made many changes for the movies. This book is a reprint of the original story published by the magazine. It includes a new introduction about Harry Bates and a list of 300 other first-contact stories and novels. 

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farewell to the master, the day the earth stood still, alien, first contact, short story, science fiction

Pueblo Mysteries

This collection of six of my Pueblo short stories is now available as either a print book or an e-book. Mystery stories from different pueblos in New Mexico, a land of enchanting allure with its scenic deserts, forests, and mountains.

In "Hunting Season," an Indian newspaper reporter discovers the truth behind a Jémez hunting accident. An Indian policeman is torn between the law and his tribal customs in "The Ancestor." In "An Unwilling, Patient" an old, sick Cochiti man disappears when his daughter tries to put him in a hospital. An Iraq war veteran's only clue is "The Woman with a Rain Pot" when he's assigned to a cold-case murder that occurred near Acoma while he was overseas. "To Steal What Is Sacred" explores the international trade in stolen, ancient Indian artifacts. While excavating a 500-year-old pueblo ruin in 1934, an archaeology student sees spirits from the past who persuade him to rethink his career in "Shadows of a Lost Time."

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Pueblo Indian, New Mexico, Southwest, short stories, mystery, detective

Winter of the Metal People

This historical novel presents the first account from the native point of view of America's first name Indian war, the Tiguex (TEE-wesh) War. It was fought in 1540-1541 against Pueblo Indians along the Rio Grande between present-day Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It follows a young Pueblo warrior who reluctantly takes leadership of his people in a time of crisis, overcoming self-doubt to lead Puebloans in successful guerilla warfare against the Spaniards.

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Media Management in the Age of Giants

Media Management in the Age of Giants was published in 2003 by Blackwell Publishing and re-issued in 2006 in India by Surjeet Publications. The Kindle e-book platform began offering the book in 2008. The first edition is out of print, but a second edition will be published in 2012 by University of New Mexico Press

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