Rustlers Along the Outlaw Trail


Rustlers Along the Outlaw Trail

"Rustlers Along the Outlaw Trail" is about a Texas cowboy in 1870 who helps a crippled New Mexico marshal catch a pair of rustlers and murderers.

The events and characters of this short story, the pueblo of San Esteban, and the settlement of Gabriel are fictional. However, historical facts are accurate for 1870 in New Mexico, and the named Albuquerque residents were recorded in an 1870 census with their names, occupations, and ages. Many events outside the main story line were reported by an 1870 Albuquerque newspaper, The Republican Review.

It was a time when New Mexicans feared Apaches, gunslingers, locust swarms, outlaw gangs, and jaguars — and just a few years earlier even the Confederate Army.

This is a long, short story of about 16,000 words.

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