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Dennis Herrick

I fancy myself as a writer -- albeit, one without fame or glory, and not much in royalties.

My latest book is a sci-fi novel titled Missionaries to Earth. Sending missionaries to convert native people to the conquerors' religion in "discovered" lands has been common for hundreds of years. This novel examines how Earth might receive missionaries from another planet who arrived to convert Humans to the interplanetary religion. For information, go to dennisherrick.com/missionaries

My most important book is a biography titled Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America. It was published in 2018 by University of New Mexico Press. For information, go to dennisherrick.com/Esteban_Explorer  

When asked why I wrote Esteban's biography, I reply that all my books are about average people including him who face such daunting obstacles that they seemed destined to fail. They are the underdogs that end up winning.

Other underdogs in my books include the Pueblo Indians in Winter of the Metal People who prevailed against European invaders in 1540–42 despite being greatly outnumbered and facing that era's advanced Spanish weapons. In the modern day, there is the twice-divorced, hard-luck newspaper reporter in A Brother's Cold Case who keeps looking for the murderer of his brother when the police won't. In the near future, there is the sergeant, brave enough but still an enlisted man, who finds himself the lone survivor of his Army base after an alien invasion's attack in War of the Planet Burners and then goes on to become the hero fighter for Earth.

Even at the personal level in sports, I tend to cheer for the underdog against the favorite. 

In this boastful profile, I mustn't neglect my many short stories. Twenty of them are in Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories. Allthough overnight visitors at your home probably won't have time to read a novel, they might find time to relax and read one or more of the short stories in this collection. It's a perfect book for anyone's guest bedroom. Also, for my tenth book I wrote a novella that fills in the details that weren't in the script for the Star Trek The Next Generation episode #89 of 1991 titled First Contact. It's fan fiction that's not for sale because of copyright restrictions from CBS Studios, but if you if you ask, I'll send you a complimentary copy.

If you have a question about any of my writings, just send me an email through this site's "Contact" tab.  

Appearances in addition to bookstore signings:
       * Presentations about Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America, at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, La Vida Llena aging facility, the University of New Mexico bookstore, and Bookworks, Albuquerque.
      * Article about Esteban in Zócalo national online magazie.


      * Presentation about Winter of the Metal People and the Coronado expedition at Desert Ridge Middle School, Albuquerque
     * Presentation about Winter of the Metal People and the Coronado expedition at Santa Fe Indian School
     * Instructor, "How to Write a Mystery Novel," Continuing Education, University of New Mexico
   * Article on the research, writing and marketing of Winter of the Metal People in issue of Roundup Magazine, Western Writers of America
    * Lecture, "The Coronado Expedition to Albuquerque," Lew Wallace Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution
    * Presentation about Tiguex War for the Stories of New Mexico Program, University of New Mexico
     * Nonfiction article, "The Indian Who Defied Coronado," available on this site
     * Article, "Xauían and the Tiguex War," Native Peoples Magazine
     * Presentation about the Coronado Expedition, Del Webb's Alegria community, Bernalillo
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     * Presentation, "Xauían: Forgotten Pueblo Leader," Historical Society of New Mexico
    * Presentation about Coronado and the Tiguex War, Continuing Education, University of New Mexico
     * Presentation about Coronado and the Tiguex War, Albuquerque Oasis Senior Programs