Award-winning novelist and short story writer.
Author of Winter of the Metal People, as well as
Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America
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America's First Indian War
    Faded Pueblos of the Tiguex War 

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 First Contact                                      Missionaries from the Stars             War of the Planet Burners                    "Alien Visitors" (short story)                        "From the Stars" (short story)                         "Above the Water" (short story)                                

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Six of my older short stories are available to download for FREE. You can see which ones by clicking on the Short Stories tab. As for them and any others, click on any cover image at the left for information and for how to download or buy. 

* Star Trek fans might want to check First Contact. It's my novelization of 1991's "Star Trek The Next Generation" TV episode 89.
* For historical biography readers there is Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America
* for mysteries see A Brother's Cold Case
* for historical fiction there is Winter of the Metal People

* for historical NONFICTION, there is America's First Indian War
* and more science fiction books at Missionaries from the Stars and War of the Planet Burners.

* short story collections titled Pueblo Mysteries, and Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories, and Newspaper Stories: Reporters and Editors Collection.

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