Did "political correctness" relegate Esteban to a background role in Cabeza de Vaca's account?


A friend proposed that Cabeza de Vaca deliberately kept Esteban in the background in his 1542 book, possibly even with Esteban's knowledge.
      Cabeza de Vaca never mentioned Esteban in the first half of his account about the Narváez invasion of Florida. During their cross-continent trek, Cabeza de Vaca referred to the African slave sporadically by name but usually by simply labeling Esteban as El Negro. He  even credited some of Esteban's achievements to others.
     One could ask how Cabeza de Vaca could otherwise expect his account to be accepted by the Spanish king or Europeans in slave-holding societies if he conceded any credit to Esteban, an African slave, for ensuring the survival of the three Spaniards? Esteban used his multilingul language skills to lead the Spaniards to safety through the unknown northern Mexico wilderness.
     Perhpas Cabeza de Vaca felt compelled to put himself into the heroic leadership role -- and keep Esteban's role under-stated -- if he wanted his account to be believable in those sixteenth-century times. 

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