1539: What else in the world was happening?


For perspective, the year of 1539 when Esteban arrived in the Zuni village of Hawikku as the first non-Indian to enter New Mexico, here is a list of some notable events in the rest of the world also occurring in that year:
Undated – Michelangelo  is in his fourth year painting the “Last Judgment” in the Sistine Chapel. Jan. 14 – Spain annexes Cuba. Feb. 9 – the first horse race is held at Chester Racecourse, the oldest in use in England. March – all Englishmen over 17 living outside London with no seafaring experience are called upon to undergo military training. April 28 – the French fleet defeats a Spanish squadron trying to run the blockade of Naples. May 1 – death of Isabella, who was empress and queen of Spain, Germany, Italy, Naples and Sicily by her marriage to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Undated – Copernicus hands over his manuscript to Rheticus for him to write a popularization of the heliocentric theory, published the next year. May 30 – Hernando de Soto lands in Florida with more than 620 soldiers and 220 horses to search for gold. Summer – castles are built along the coast of England as a deterrant to invasion. June 3 – Soto claims Florida for Spain. June 12 – first book in the Americas is published on the first printing press, set up by a Spanish printer in Mexico City; the ecclesiastical book was authored by Juan de Zumárraga, first bishop of Mexico. July – the Ottoman Empire defeats Christian attempt to regain control of the eastern Mediterranean. Aug. 15 – King Francis I of France makes French the official language of legal discourse. Undated – the Mayans drive Spanish conquistadors out of Yucatan.


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