Outrageously inaccurate Mexican movie of 1990


An absurd movie was released in Mexico in 1990 titled "Cabeza de Vaca." A relatively unknown actor, Gerardo Villarreal, played the part of Estevanico (Esteban).  The movie hero-worships Cabeza de Vaca, and the movie doesn't even try to follow the historical record, although it's supposedly based on Cabea de Vaca's chronicle of 1542 and is advertised as "true and amazing adventures." The movie is built primarily on dramatic accounts of events that never occurred.
      The move distorts the historical record so shamelessly that it greatly adds to the confusion, many myths, and outright fabrications relating to Cabeza de Vaca and, by extension, also of Esteban. Unfortunately, the movie received international awards from groups more interested in entertainment than in history. 

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