Is that a painting of Esteban on the book's cover?


No painting or image of Esteban during his lifetime exists. Not even much of a description.
     While Esteban certainly would have been bearded while enslaved by Indians in Texas and later traveling across the continent, and perhaps bearded even at other times, this image could be how he appeared while living in Mexico City just before going to Cíbloa. 
     Any image would at best be a snapshot in time. The cover's image on the biography might come the closest to his appearance because the sculptor went to Morocco and used a young Berber man as a model. (For details, see the article here.)
     The publisher, University of New Mexico Press, hesitated at having any image of Esteban because none exists from his lifetime. However, the Internet displays numerous images created by artists, all of which differ and all of which are imagined -- for example, one of the most inaccurate but common depictions shows Esteban carrying a halbard weapon and leading conquistadors riding horses.
     For a biography, some kind of image seemed appropriate, and John Sherrill Houser's bronze bust on the cover seemed the most representational. The reason is explained in detail in the book's appendix.

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