Misnaming Esteban for centuries


 The biggest problem with the Wikipedia page about Esteban is that it's posted by the name of Estevanico. That was only his slave nickname, which many writers insist on still using.
     Calling him Estevanico, which translates into English as "Little Stephen" or even as "Stevie," was how early Spanish slave owners demeaned and marginalized him as a slave. It was a dismissive reference, much like the fact that early Spanish chronicles often didn't refer to him by any name, but just called him "El Negro."
     Most American writers since the mid-1800s continue to refer to him by his slave nickname instead of his actual name. They justify it by saying that he was referred to in the chronicles as Estevanico. Well, of course he was, as a condescending way for Spaniards to show superiority.
     His Spanish name was Esteban, the equivalent of Stephen in English. And that is how he is referred to in this biography.

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