Problems with Esteban's Wikipedia page


I did not post the Wikipedia page listed for "Estevanico." It was posted by someone else who keeps rejecting and writing over any attempts to correct the page.
     Although generally accurate, the page states that the 80 survivors of the trip across the Gulf of Mexico started "overland" after their home-made boats washed ashore in November 1528 on the Texas coast south of Galveston.
     Not true. They consolidated on the Velasco Peninsula (at that time an island), planning and some even trying to reach the nearest Spanish settlement hundreds of miles away in Mexico. After four or so months, only about a dozen were still alive, and by spring of 1529 there remained only five -- Esteban, Cabeza de Vaca, Dorantes, and Castillo. (See "The man left behind" to learn about the fifth, Lope de Oviedo.).
      At that point only they were enslaved by different bands of the Karankawa tribe, and they remained slaves of Indians for more than five years on the Texas coast. None of the others were enslaved because they died during the first winter.
   After Esteban and the three Spaniards escaped in the fall of 1534, they were never enslaved by Indians again as they made their way out of Texas and across northern Mexico.
   There are other errors on that Wikipedia page but attempts to correct them have been fruitless.


Shows you can't believe everything you see on Wikipedia.

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