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Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America
Faded Pueblos: of the Tiguex War
albuquerque mystery
Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories
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Media Management in the Age of Giants

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Colleges and universities across the nation have adopted this book for media management courses since 2003. University of New Mexico Press published a revised second edition in 2012. A third edition is being prepared for release in 2019.

The book examines the conglomerate corporations dominating America's print, broadcast, and Internet news media companies. It provides insights on how to manage media companies in an age when mega-corporations and rich investor groups are taking over America's mass media.

The first edition is also available in an India edition. There are negotiations for a Chinese translation of the second edition.

The book's first edition was published in 2003 to introduce students and beginning managers to business concepts of personnel management, decision-making, and financial analysis. It has been superceded by the revised and expanded second edition.

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Outside of the U.S.? The print and e-book are also available on most of Amazon's international websites. Simply click on the appropriate nationality site and search for Media Management in the Age of GiantsThe paperback can be ordered from any bookstore. Check with Indiebound for the bookstores in your area.