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Faded Pueblos: of the Tiguex War
albuquerque mystery
Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories
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Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories

Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories

Guests are sure to find stories to enjoy in this diverse collection. Keep a copy in your guest bedroom, or leave it as a gift for friends who have put you up for a night (or more) so they can share the collection with their future guests. This book is a collection of short stories that your friends can read a little at a time. In the book they'll meet detectives, American Indians, heroes, villains, and ordinary people striving to solve life's problems.

Most of the stories in Guest Bedroom are also available as 99-cent individual e-titles in the menu to the bottom left.

In this book are the following short stories:
     Woman With A Rain Pot, The Ancestor, The Bullet That Saved Me, Give Me the Country Life, A Missing Tourist in Mexico, Hunting Season, It Only Cost Two Teeth, An Unwilling Patient, Woman Without A Name, Spirit Journey, The Final Farewell, The Gift, To Steal What Is Sacred, Shadows of a Lost Time, Alien Visitors, The Indian Who Defied Coronado, and Sitting Bull Rising From the Grave.

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