First Contact


Malcor III—Its civilization is on the verge of interstellar travel.

It is up to the starship Enterprise and its crew to establish a safe First Contact under the parameters of the Prime Directive.

This is a print adaptation of the script for Episode 89 of "Star Trek The Next Generation." In this book, it is the citizens of Malcor III who are experiencing First Contact by alien beings from another planet -- Humans from Earth.



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Most of the scenes aboard the Enterprise were written by the adapter for back story, context, and expansion to a print version. Most of the scenes on Malcor III were in the script. Many quotations on both Malcor III and on the Enterprise are from the script. Because this is "fan fiction," the price on Amazon does not allow any profit or royalty for me,  the adapter, who wrote the expanded print edition for the fun of it.