"Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America" ...... Table of Contents


Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America

Notes for the Modern Reader


Noteworthy Dates

Chapter One
A Man of Mysteries 

Chapter Two
The Morocco Connection 

Chapter Three
Terrorism in the Caribbean 

Chapter Four
Esteban Arrives at Hispaniola 

Chapter Five
Early Indian Resistance 

Chapter Six
A Disastrous Beginning 

Chapter Seven
Invasion of Florida 

Chapter Eight
The Quest for Gold 

Chapter Nine
Arrows Penetrating “Good Armor” 

Chapter Ten
Fleeing in Rickety Boats 

Chapter Eleven
Spaniards Also Forced into Slavery 

Chapter Twelve
Faith Healing and Proselytizing

Chapter Thirteen
Esteban’s Rise and Fall 

Chapter Fourteen
Return to Slavery, But an Indispensable Man 

Chapter Fifteen
An African in Arizona and New Mexico 

Chapter Sixteen
A Mysterious Fate

Chapter Seventeen
Death? Or Freedom? 

Chapter Eighteen
The Durability of Myth

Chapter Nineteen
Inhumane Bondage and Historical Context

Chapter Twenty
What Isn’t Known about Esteban 

John Sherrill Houser