A Second Chance on Indian Lands


A Second Chance on Indian Lands

          [ Climate Change series #2 ]
ollowing the twin disasters of climate change and nuclear warfare, the United States is invaded in about 2200 on the east by the Russians and on the west by the Chinese. On the Great Plains in between, Native Americans are left with the dry American desert that neither the Chinese nor Russians want—at least for now. The tribes develop and defend the original Indian lands.

With tanks, fighter planes, and other military hardware and ammunition left behind in the abandonment of bases in and near the Great Plains, U.S.-trained Indian veterans help evacuate people to the east and west to fight the invaders, while the Indians defend the middle part of the country that the Chinese and Russians have not concerned themselves with conquering. American forces fight the invaders in the east and west, on the seas, in the air, and abroad.

A new Indian Nation of combined tribes regroups on the arid Great Plains and desert Southwest.

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