The Faraón Apaches


The Faraón Apaches

Nonfiction history. Spanish colonists in New Mexico in the 1600s and 1700s feared the Faraón Apaches, who defended their territory along the Rio Grande from present-day Santa Fe to Albuquerque, and south into Mexico.

Faraón is the Spanish word for pharaoh, a reference to Biblical Egyptians.  The name might have come from Franciscan missionaries who found it impossible to persuade Faraón Apaches to give up their traditional religion and convert to Catholicism.

The Faraón Apaches are mostly forgotten today, but they were vital supporters of the pueblo Indians in the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, which expelled Spaniards from New Mexico. Even after the Spaniards returned, the Faraón Apaches continued to encourage pueblos to revolt again, which some did in 1696. The Faraones remained an enemy of Spaniards in New Mexico into the 1700s.


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