Historical Novel

historical fiction, Coronado expedition, Tiguex War, Southwest, Pueblo Indians

Paperback Books

Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America
Faded Pueblos: of the Tiguex War
albuquerque mystery
Guest Bedroom: Collected Stories
farewell to the master, the day the earth stood still, alien, first contact, short story, science fiction

Short Stories

A Second Chance on Indian Lands
The Christmas Shopper
Rustlers Along the Outlaw Trail
A Link in the Chain
Sitting Bull Rising From the Grave
Shadows of a Lost Time


Sterling Publications USA

Self-publish without spending more than you'll ever get back

Want to self-publish that book you've written? You don't need to pay one of those online self-publishing companies thousands of dollars.

You can do it yourself for free or by paying for only services you need — and keep all rights.

Most self-published books don't sell a lot of copies. You can't afford to pay big bucks to one of these companies exploiting authors with high fees. I'll show you how to accomplish the same thing on your own.

FIRST, SOME GOOD ADVICE: Before you decide on self-publishing, send your book out to agents and to independent trade publishers, such as Sunbury Press or Moonshine Cove PublishingI'm glad I sent my historical novel, Winter of the Metal People around first. Sunbury Press accepted it and published it in June 2013. Sunbury Press also published my mystery, A Brother's Cold Case, in 2014. Moonshine Cove accepted my science fiction novel War of the Planet Burners, which came out in 2016. They are two of several trade publishers that are selective in what books they accept. They then edit, design a cover, print, and distribute at no cost to the author. Your chance of success is much greater if published by a trade publisher, even a small one.

If you're determined to self-publish, however, I'm an author helping other authors get published for as little cost as possible. If you're interested, you can reach me through the "Contact" tab on this website. I charge $25 an hour for services you require.

I won't kid you. Computer expertise is required in several software programs, and it will take time figuring out the publishing platforms. If you don't have the time, skills, and determination to figure it out by yourself, then I can help you. Your inquiry and my advice are free for the first telephone hour. If you still need help, my work on your book after that is at the rate of $25 an hour. Or maybe after talking with me you'll realize one of your friends can do it for free. Or you can do as much as you can and hire me or a specialty company online to help you with only what you can't do — for example, creating a cover. 

Even by paying for some services, you can self-publish your book for a fraction of what is being charged by so many of these self-publishing companies.

I self-published all the e-short stories to the left. I found publishers for the journalism textbook, the Winter of the Metal People historical novel, the A Brother's Cold Case mystery novel, and the War of the Planet Burners sci-fi thriller. I design most of my covers, but even when I had to buy artwork rights for covers, none cost more than $20. 

Your options are laid out for you in my e-articles: "Successful e-Publishing for Authors"  and "Successful Self-Publishing for Authors." The second article covers both e-books and paperbacks. You might read either one and decide you can do this self-publishing on your own and don't need me or anyone else. They provide advice on cover design, copy editing, distribution to online retailers such as Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble, distribution by Ingram and by Baker & Taylor (to bookstores and libraries), book price, and editing. Bonus: They tell you how to have a small, free website.

Some paperbacks I published for myself or others with the Sterling Publications USA imprint or services are below. I've shown several writers how to self-publish. I can show you, too.

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