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Faded Pueblos: of the Tiguex War

Faded Pueblos: of the Tiguex War

This illustrated book describes about a dozen Tiwa Pueblo villages on both sides of the Rio Grande near Albuquerque, N.M., that resisted the Coronado expedition in pitched battles over the winter of 1540–41 in America's first Indian war. That was followed by guerrilla warfare the following winter that ended with the Spaniards retreating to Mexico in early 1542. 

Described are the locations, culture, religion, and history of those pueblos and other Pueblo villages in New Mexico.

Printed in black-and-white inside with a color cover, this 106-page paperback booklet is available for sale exclusively in Sun Father's Gift Shop at the Coronado Historic Site in Bernalillo, N.M.

For more information, or to buy an autographed book direct from the author, Dennis can be reached through the contact tab on this website.